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Lessons Learned From My Attorney: Tips For Not Being Sued & Being Fearless of It

Before we start here, please let me set some things straight: 1)  This post is not out of blind arrogance or ignorance, inviting litigation (no one desires that)  2)  I am not an attorney so if you need legal advice, contact a legal professional.  

This post is merely sharing my experience so as to help others in the special event industry to relax a bit more and to go forward with confidence, and if the day comes where a client threatens to sue you, perhaps this post will have helped you realize more fully your power (or help you prepare to be more empowered) during the process.

Once upon a time, about 7 years ago, there was a mother of the bride who did all the planning for her out-of-state daughter bride. She hired me for "month of" planning.  Throughout the booking process and the entire month of the wedding, it was evident to me that she had a substance abuse problem.  Fast forward to the day of the wedding:

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