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When It's Time To Stop "The Courtship" (Proposal) Phase of Wooing a Client and Move On

As an independent contractor who successfully ran one of Santa Barbara's leading wedding planning businesses for almost 20 years, and did so as a single mother with no financial support from outside sources, I have learned how to get creative and more importantly know intimately about the "grit" of having to stay with the proposal process and wooing potential clients because it was my survival.  During that time, with 600+ successful weddings under my belt, I learned a thing or two about the proposal process with clients, knowing when to walk, and when to stick with it.  Bottomline:  it is a lot of gut instinct and that gut instinct is born from experience.  

This is the story of one recent example.  A would-be hospitality client was referred to me for marketing consultation for my Engaging Inspiration division.  I was reflecting on how far I'd come since first starting out on the art of gently, diplomatically and swiftly putting an end to the wasteful back-and-forth …

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