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The Art of Engaging: Two of the Most Commonly Missed Marketing & Branding Opportunities

After 20 years in the wedding and hospitality industries, I have paid for and invested in all sorts of advertising and marketing:  from print, digital, sponsorships, "volunteerships", and more.  Some were necessary "learning curves" that I will never duplicate again;  some were the "necessary evil" to get my name in front of influential individuals and contacts;  but all were an opportunity to  learn more about where I should invest my time and money going forward. 

One of the most valuable lessons I learned in my professional life, I learned from my job as Assistant Public Relations and Events Coordinator for Nordstrom.  The lessons I learned there about the art of engagement were only enhanced by the foundation I'd already had by the way I was raised.   My family was high profile in the community.  They trained me in the art of diplomacy and never to burn any bridges and to consider oneself as an Ambassador  and in service to all.  The most importan…

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